Waiting Lists

How to Apply

We are accepting new applications for housing assistance! We maintain separate waiting lists for Public Housing and the Housing Choice Voucher programs, but we have a single application for both programs.  Persons interested in receiving housing assistance may do so by completing and turning in a completed application. Our application may be printed from this website (here) and filled out prior to visiting our office, or the completed application may be mailed to our office with the required Social Security Card verifications*.  We accept applications during our regular business hours: Monday through Thursday from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.

*We will need readable copies of the Social Security Cards for every member of the household listed on your application to accept your application. 

Proof of Application

All complete applications will receive a receipt.  Please keep your receipt because this is your only verification that your application is complete and has been accepted for the waiting list. If you mail in your application, the person listed as head of household on the application may request a receipt by coming into our office during regular business hours with a photo identification.

How Long Is the Wait?

Approximate waiting list times vary, and are determined by the number of applicants on the list and the availability of housing units or Vouchers. We will notify you by mail when you have reached the top of either waiting list. It is very important to keep the Housing Authority updated with your correct mailing address during your waiting time, because when assistance is available, you will only be notified by mail.

Where Am I on the List?

Approximate waiting list times for the Public Housing program vary by the bedroom size and type of unit your household will qualify for.  For the Housing Choice Voucher program, you can call our offices with the date listed on your receipt we can give you a rough estimate of the time until you reach the top of the waiting list.

Provo Residency Priority

All of our programs give priority to current Provo residents.  Only current Provo residents will receive a Provo Resident Priority on our waiting lists.  For the Housing Choice Voucher Program the number of qualified Provo resident applicants is so high that non-Provo residents will never reach the top of the waiting list. To qualify as a Provo resident, applicants must live or work in the City of Provo.


You will be notified by mail when your household has reached the top of the waiting list. If you do  not respond to our notification by the deadline listed in your notification letter, you will be removed from the waiting list. To change your address you will need to submit a written change form, which is available at our office at 650 West 100 North, Provo, Utah.


Reaching the top of either of our waiting lists means that you will then be evaluated for your eligibility of that program.  It does not guarantee assistance. Applicants will need to be prepared to provide income verifications, household member verifications, Provo residency verifications, as well as any other information we might request. All adult members of the household will be required to pass a criminal background check.  Families with members that are required to register as sex offenders are not eligible for assistance.  Applicants for all owned housing program will also be assessed by credit history and rental history.

For help outside the City of Provo but within Utah County, please contact the Housing Authority of Utah County at 801-373-8333, or to apply with the Housing Authority of Utah County